Emerging Talent Development


" I was fortunate enough to have been coached by Sandi in 2018. I am humbled to have come out of the program a stronger and more confident leader and a more confident woman in the technical/engineering space. Sandi and I worked through real life scenarios and it armed me with the skills to be more strategic in my approach to the market and to better understand that my ability to be an influential leader far outweighs the necessity to have control. "  

Megan Wickens, Managing Director 

C-Level Support


"I have known Sandi Hokansson for more than 15 years, and over the course of my career, she is one of the best leaders I’ve had the opportunity to work with.

Sandi and I served together as peers on the  North America leadership team, and I always valued Sandi’s contributions to the Company and her insight in solving the most complex business challenges.  When Sandi transitioned to her role as Executive Coach, I had the privilege to work with her.  I trust Sandi immensely, she has incredible intellect and people skills, and she is universally admired as a leader, colleague and friend."      Joyce Russell, President

Change Management


"Sandi led a leadership workshop for my team on Change Management and gave us the tools we needed to successfully navigate the transition."

 Mark Matters, Senior Vice President

Leadership Insights


"Sandi's insights and experiences are invaluable to me as a leader."

Cathy Forrestall, COO

Sounding Board for Ideas


"Having been on the receiving end of Sandi's executive coaching, I can to attest to her expertise in this area.  Her ability to introduce "tactical" skills and tools to a situation, balanced with her intuition from years of experience as a leader served me well during our time together.  Most importantly, Sandi is a great listener, a skill all too often underutilized and undervalued by those serving as "coach".  Sandi will no doubt play a critical role in the personal and career development for other leaders who are the recipients of her wisdom and coaching."

 Tom Kloiber, SVP Finance

Leadership Tools for Transition


"I worked with Sandi in her executive coaching program. My experience with Sandi was timely in that I was taking on a new challenge within the company and the leadership tools and guidance 

she gave me proved invaluable.

 If you are ever given the opportunity to be a part of Sandi’s executive coaching program, count yourself lucky. She is an amazing person and mentor! 

Lane Greever, Senior Vice President

Strategic Consulting


 I have engaged Sandi to work with Illumiti's HR department and Executive Team; interview representative employees at all levels across our company; and recommend steps, practices and initiatives we can take to improve both employee engagement and retention.  Sandi took a pragmatic approach to this consulting engagement, which she adapted to match our particular context and needs.  She produced a report that built upon the steps Illumiti has already taken in these areas and proposed additional items - several of which were approved for implementation within the company in a staged approach, starting immediately.  During this engagement Sandi demonstrated flexibility to accommodate some unplanned circumstances .   I am also working with Sandi on an executive coaching assignment with one of my direct reports and would be happy to engage her for other relevant assignments in future.  Sandi brings her extensive executive experience to bear, delivers quality, and is a pleasure to work with! 

Dror Orbach, COO

Executive Presence


  •  I wasn't sure what my journey would be like beginning with executive coaching.  Sandi was amazing in setting up goals for us and leading me through every step.  She took the time to learn what is important to me and targeted a growth plan from there.  She gave me tools to mentor other leaders and be more effective.  She also helped me face some difficult challenges and find a clear voice to help me navigate.  I credit Sandi with helping me 'Level Up' my skills.  I highly recommend her coaching.  I love being involved in her alumni network as well.  Invest in yourself and you will never regret it! 

Kim Western, VP 

Promotion Transition


 I had the pleasure of working with Sandi immediately following my promotion to a higher level of leadership. She is an exceptional coach who provided me with tools that I use to this day and share with my leaders to help them get the most out of their teams, manage their own objectives, navigate changing landscapes, and engage in and foster creative problem solving.  I left all of our sessions with a new perspective on how I was approaching my business and a clearer vision on how to prioritize the issues and opportunities I was facing.  I have told many colleagues and friends that the time I had with Sandi was one of the greatest gifts my company has ever given me. 

Nicole Gable, SVP

Leadership Masterclass


 Sandi delivers a deep-dive into leadership fundamentals through her SOUNDLEADERSHIP Masterclass. Her ability to dissect and systematically explain complex leadership concepts is both refreshing and informative. Whether you are looking to elevate your existing abilities to the next level, or are a new leader building a tool-kit of best practices; Sandi's tutelage and experience provides something for everyone. Highly recommended! 

Vitaly Melnik, Operations Manager

Masterclass Inspiration


Sandi is an inspirational leader! She is able to deal with all levels of people with professionalism, She was able to show her level of experience and expertise in her SOUNDLEADERSHIP sessions.

I would recommend the Leadership session for anyone that is ready for the next challenge in their career or even a refresher course for inspiration! 

Caroll Lai, Branch Manager

Leadership Tools


 I have been lucky enough to have Sandi as my coach for the last 6 months,  she has given me lots of management tools to use with my team, my peers and leaders.  I find Sandi very professional and realistic with a fun element which made me look forward to every  session.  Thank you Sandi!  

Lisa Phelps, Managing Director UK