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Executive Coach and CEO - Sandi Hokansson

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Sandi Hokansson, a successful C-level Executive, Certified Coach, Birkman Practitioner and Great Place to Work  Advocate, provides superior talent development by offering Leadership Coaching Services, and, delivers HR Solutions through Consulting work.  

Leadership Coaching: 

  • Coaching is offered for executives, rising stars, and second career leaders. Businesses & organizations looking to build executive competency within their team of leaders, or, individuals looking to up their leadership game, will find trusted solutions here. 
  • Created and facilitated by an executive business leader with a proven track record, our customized Executive coaching program includes identifying each leader's key strengths and core competencies to leverage for greater success. 
  • The Birkman personality assessment and other proprietary tools are utilized to understand each individual's unique behavior both in life situations and in the workplace, enabling both coach and executive to focus on leadership growth. Sessions are confidential and follow the International Coaching Federation code of ethics.

HR Consulting:

Acting as an extension of your Human Resources Team, 


  • Employee Retention & Engagement Strategies 
  • Assistance & Support with Conflict Resolution
  • Effective Brand Recruitment Strategies  
  • Talent Development & Performance Management Consulting 
  • Staffing Solution & Vendor Selection Support


Assessment Services

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