"The best leaders are both teachers & students"
" The best leaders are both teachers & students"

Meet Executive Coach & CEO Sandi Hokansson

Work with an Experienced C Level Executive

Looking for a Coach & Leadership Workshop Facilitator that comes from a place of knowing what it is like to walk in your shoes? As a business person and successful C-level Executive leading a $600M dollar organization over 14 years, Sandi understands what it means to have to make the daily decisions at the top, drive financial results & exceed stakeholder expectations.

Sandi also worked as an Internal Executive Coach for a Fortune 500 organization and has accumulated over a thousand hours of coaching experience in North America & Europe.

She speaks from experience and offers a practical, reality based approach to developing greater leadership competency.  Whether it is through One on One Coaching, Team Based Coaching, Leadership Workshops or Business Advisory & Strategic Consulting, Sandi brings her strong business acumen, deep understanding of leadership development, hands on experience and good nature to each professional engagement. 

Work with Sandi and learn how leadership is evolving, why We-Q is the new paradigm shift and learn to deepen your leadership practice.


Professional Services


Business Advisory & Consulting

Leadership Workshops


Coaching is offered for executives, rising stars, and second career leaders. Organizations looking to build executive  competency within their team of leaders, or, individuals looking to up  their leadership game will find trusted solutions here. The benefits of coaching are many; 80% of people who receive coaching  report increased self-confidence, and over 70% benefit from improved  work performance, relationships, and more effective communication  skills. 86% of companies report that they recouped their investment on  coaching and more (source: ICF 2009). 

Leadership Workshops

Business Advisory & Consulting

Leadership Workshops


Virtual and in person Leadership Workshops developing critical leadership & collective intelligence competencies. 

Workshop Catalogue:

Leading Change | Building Collective Intelligence - WeQ |Mastering Employee Engagement & Sustainability | Leadership Evolution | Building Executive Presence | Conflict Management | The Role of a Leader | Developing High Functioning Teams | Team Building  | Birkman Workshops | THE SOUNDLEADERSHIP MASTERCLASS

Business Advisory & Consulting

Business Advisory & Consulting

Business Advisory & Consulting



Sandi has developed a proprietary Employee Sustainability Model  and uses this methodology to assist clients to retain, engage and sustain their top talent. 

Sandi also works to support clients in a variety of areas such as: Business Planning for Becoming a Great Place to Work; Developing Employee Retention & Sustainability Programs; Strategic Planning  & General Business Advisory.

Individual & 360 Assessments

Individual & 360 Assessments

Business Advisory & Consulting


 Learn insights about yourself and your leadership personality that can help you find creative solutions, build trusting relationships,  implement effective processes, and deliver on goals. 

Sandi is a Certified Birkman Practitioner and conducts private Birkman Assessments  and 360 Consultations. 

Leadership Community

Individual & 360 Assessments

Leadership Community


Join a growing list of international leaders who gather monthly to build  their personal leadership practice and network with like-minded  individuals. Read Sandi's Blog.

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