About Us


Executive Coach & CEO, Sandi Hokansson

Sandi is an accomplished C level Executive with an illustrious track record over 25 years. Sandi led a $600 million dollar subsidiary of a global corporation for over 14 years and in 2014, 2016 and 2017 made the top 50 Great Place to Work list for multinational companies. Sandi is a proud recipient of the prestigious WXN TOP 100 Women In Canada Award of Distinction.  A forward thinking, dynamic leader with a passion for coaching leaders, Sandi is now a successful international Executive Coach and HR Consultant, with experience in Europe, the UK, the US and Canada and she is the founder of SOUNDLEADERSHIP.  A long standing mentor for the WXN organization, Sandi is also a YPO Gold member, Birkman certified, and holds a certificate in coaching from Schulich School of Business. Sandi is a member in good standing with the International Coaching Federation, ICF.   


Achieving Your Goals is our Success

SOUNDLEADERSHIP's goal is to work with executives and organizations to help them thrive in this rapidly changing business environment. 

Specifically through the leadership coaching program, it supports

complex decision making and provides targeted, individualized, and immediate development. Coaching is preemptive and pro-active. Intervention will provide improved performance and will support life-long learning

Our goals support your leadership goals:
To drive more immediate results
Enable promotion and career transition
Provide a strong enhancement to talent development
To improve leadership competency 

 To help retain top talent

SOUNDLEADERSHIP follows proven coaching techniques and introduces leadership tools to guide development. Our customized Executive Coaching process coupled with the insightful Birkman assessment, provides for a comprehensive, practical learning experience that is personal and goal oriented. 



Leadership that is:

  • Sustainable, it will stand the test of time.              
  • Visionary, plans for the long term and creates legacy.
  • Disciplined & Results Oriented, follows proven strategic planning principles to execute effectively towards goals. 
  • Inclusive, understanding that gaining comprehensive input from a variety of sources creates great organizations.
  • Adaptive, reflective and demonstrates learning agility, willing to be innovative and adjust its course to respond to new developments or industry disruption.
  • Service Minded, recognizes the main purpose of a leader is to serve.
  • Ethical, demonstrates integrity by walking the talk and strives towards the wisest course of action.

Service Offering

 Leadership Coaching & Training:

  • Coaching is offered for executives, rising stars, and second career leaders. Businesses & organizations looking to build executive competency within their team of leaders, or, individuals looking to up their leadership game, will find trusted solutions here.

  • Created and facilitated by an executive business leader with a proven track record, our customized - LEAD TO SUCCEED  and NEXT LEVEL Executive coaching programs include identifying each leader's key strengths and core competencies to leverage for greater success. 

  • Upon completion of the LEAD TO SUCCEED program, clients become members of the SOUNDLEADERSHIP Circle - a network of international leaders dedicated to ongoing leadership development.

  • The 'Leadership Essentials' Masterclass helps leaders expand their capacity to perform in their leadership role. The program includes four leadership sessions covering the Roles of a Leader; Mastering Employee Sustainability; Building High Functioning Teams and  Leading through Change. 

Strategic Consulting:
Sandi has developed a proprietary Employee Sustainability Model  and uses this methodology to assist clients to retain, engage and sustain their top talent. Sandi also works to support clients in a variety of areas such as: Business Planning to Become a Great Place to Work; Strategic Planning; Development of Employee Engagement & Sustainability Programs & General Business Advisory.


Sandi Hokansson, Executive Coach & CEO of SOUNDLEADERSHIP