Executive Coaching Program


Prior to starting the 6 month executive coaching program, onboarding information is provided, the Intake Questionnaire is completed, and the Executive completes the  Birkman Personality Assessment 

Birkman Personality Assessment

Session  one starts with an introduction component, continues with a read-out of  the Birkman Assessment results and provides an introduction to Executive Coaching

 rules of engagement. 

Sessions Two through Five

Four private sessions follow over the next four months along with the introduction of several best-in-class leadership tools.

Session Six

The  final session provides each Executive with a summary report outlining  the leadership competency work completed during the program. 

Follow up

A 90-day follow up session is scheduled with each Executive to discuss the longer term impact of the program. 

Ongoing Leadership Support

All program participants have access to our Leadership Blog and other thought leadership content developed by SOUNDLEADERSHIP. 

The Birkman Method-Developing Human Capital

Why Birkman?


  • Over 60 years of Proven Validity and Reliability
  • Limitless uses for Individual Leaders and Team Growth
  • Empowering and Constructive Feedback
  • Comparative & Group Reporting

  • The only assessment that measures underlying Needs  
  • Combines behavioral and occupational data in one assessment 
  • Examines personality and perceptions in a social context 

Insight for Leaders


Learn insights about yourself and your leadership personality that can help you find creative solutions, build trusting relationships, implement effective processes, and deliver on goals.

Leaders learn how to connect with and motivate different personality  styles in their organization, know how to better handle difficult  conversations, and see the implications of their reactive stress  behaviors. 

How Organizations use Birkman

Optimization of workforces with behavioural insights 

to support:

  • Leadership Style, Performance, and Productivity
  • New Organizational Strategy
  • Leadership Transitions
  • Change Management
  • Conversation Catalysts
  • Self Awareness of Style
  • Organization and Team Culture
  • Conflict Resolution

Harvard's first Executive Coaching Business Case is with Birkman

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HR Consulting Services

Recognized Benefits of Utilizing a Consultant

  • Adjunct to core HR team - no duplication
  • Expert Advice - in areas where you want it/need it
  • Strategy Enhancement - fresh eyes on existing strategy
  • Best Practice Sharing - wider scope of practices outside your industry/organization
  • Flexibility and Cost efficiencies -you only pay for what you need
  • Aligns with, promotes and reinforces company objectives

Specialty Areas

Recruitment Planning

Recruitment Brand Strategy

Employee Retention

Employee Engagement

Performance Management

Staffing Vendor & Solution Selection

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