LEAD to SUCCEED - Executive Coaching Program


Birkman Personality Assessment

Birkman Personality Assessment

Prior to starting the 6 month executive coaching program, onboarding information is provided, the Intake Questionnaire is completed, and the Executive completes the  Birkman Personality Assessment 

Birkman Personality Assessment

Birkman Personality Assessment

Birkman Personality Assessment

Session  one starts with an introduction component, continues with a read-out of  the Birkman Assessment results and provides an introduction to Executive Coaching

 rules of engagement. 

Sessions Two through Five

Birkman Personality Assessment

Sessions Two through Five

Four private sessions follow over the next four months along with the introduction of several best-in-class leadership tools.

Session Six

Ongoing Leadership Support

Sessions Two through Five

The  final session provides each Executive with a summary report outlining  the leadership competency work completed during the program. 

Follow up

Ongoing Leadership Support

Ongoing Leadership Support

A 90-day follow up session is scheduled with each Executive to discuss the longer term impact of the program. 

Ongoing Leadership Support

Ongoing Leadership Support

Ongoing Leadership Support

All program participants become valued members of the SOUNDLEADERSHIP Circle, have access to SOUNDBytes tools and other thought leadership content developed by SOUNDLEADERSHIP

'Next Level' Coaching - Further Strengthening Executive Competencies


Session One

Sessions Two - Five

Sessions Two - Five

Starts with an introduction component, provides a short review of Executive Coaching rules of engagement and defines next level development objectives


Sessions Two - Five

Sessions Two - Five

Sessions Two - Five

 Four private sessions follow over the next four months along with the introduction of  the 'Employee Sustainability Model' and further development of the 4th and 5th dimension leadership competencies


Session Six

Sessions Two - Five

Session Six

The final session provides each Leader with a summary report outlining the 

leadership competency work

 completed during the program and the leader continues active membership in the SOUNDLEADERSHIP Circle


Leadership Essentials Masterclass

The Program


This progressive interactive leadership development program helps leaders expand their capacity to perform in their leadership role. The program includes the following four leadership sessions:

  • Role of a Leader 
  • Mastering Employee Sustainability 
  • Building High Performing Teams 
  • Leading through Change

Through exploring the important and varied roles that a Leader plays such as Motivator, Communicator, Coach, General Manager, Business Driver and Connector, leaders learn how to navigate and move between each role to elevate their leadership competency. 

Leaders also learn about SOUNDLEADERSHIP’s proprietary EMPLOYEE SUSTAINABILITY MODEL and how to better retain, engage and sustain employees. 

The outcomes of increased productivity and employee morale from belonging to a high performing team cannot be overstated. Through this program leaders will work together as they learn about the stages of team development and how to recognize and support a team through to higher levels of performance. 

Lastly, the program concludes with a session on Leading through Change providing participants with the awareness and insight required for transformation. 

To help support and sustain each participant in continuing to develop their own leadership practice, all participants  receive a one on one Coaching Session within 60 days of program conclusion.

Each successful participant receives a Certificate of Completion from SOUNDLEADERSHIP Inc.

Now Accepting Q1 2020 Registration

The Birkman Method-Developing Human Capital


Birkman Leadership Assessment

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Congratulations  - You are on your way to developing your own or your team's leadership competencies!  An individual Birkman Assessment Questionnaire will be emailed to the participant to complete and then the Individual Leadership Consultation with Executive Coach, Sandi Hokansson, will be conducted. Birkman insights help leaders find creative solutions, build trusting relationships, implement effective  processes, and deliver on goals. Leaders will learn how to connect with and motivate different personality styles in their organization, know how to better handle difficult conversations, and see the implications of their reactive stress behaviors. A Signature  Birkman Leadership Report and management report is included.

Leadership Consulting Services


Recognized Benefits of Utilizing a Consultant

  • Adjunct to core Talent Development team - no duplication
  • Expert Advice - in areas where you want it/need it
  • Strategy Enhancement - fresh eyes on existing strategy
  • Best Practice Sharing - wider scope of practices outside your industry/organization
  • Flexibility and Cost efficiencies -you only pay for what you need
  • Aligns with, promotes and reinforces company objectives

Specialty Areas

Employee Sustainability

Meeting Facilitation

5D Leadership

Rules of Engagement for Teams

Change Leadership

Creating Influence 

Executive Presence



Membership granted to leaders who successfully complete a SOUNDLEADERSHIP Coaching Program


International Community of Leaders

Join a growing list of international leaders who gather monthly to build their personal leadership practice and network with like-minded individuals.


Member Benefits


  • Thrive. Lead. Succeed!  - Interactive Monthly Webinars 
  • ‘SOUNDBytes’– Powerful leadership tools to share with your team 
  • Next Level  - Personalized Executive Coaching Programs –Special Member Pricing  
  • Engaging with a network of like-minded leaders  
  • The  SOUNDLEADERSHIP Circle Referral Program